Working and traveling at the same time, this works fine for some people, but most people don’t feel like it. People who choose to travel the world often do so because they do not want to work for a while. However, people who travel to Australia often have no choice… Australia is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it is terribly expensive here. Work is therefore necessary for many people when they visit this country. Where can you find a job in Australia now? Below 4 tips!

Working in Australia

Traveling and working in Australia is hip! It is relatively easy to apply for a travel visa and the hourly wage in Australia is relatively high. This means that you are not the only one looking for a job. Every year, about 2600 Dutch people travel to Australia on a work visa to travel around and work in between. So there is quite a bit of competition. Fortunately, there is also a wide range. Where is the best place to look for work? We have listed a few tips!


1.    Online

A popular, but often not very effective way to find work in Australia is online. There are several job boards especially for these types of jobs. Examples include , ,  and . At first it sounds ideal, but appearances can be deceiving… New vacancies appear online all the time, but they disappear just as quickly. Almost every backpacker in Australia is on these websites and you are often too late. Nevertheless, you can also get lucky and find a job through these job boards!

2.    Facebook

On Facebook you can find different groups especially for backpackers in Australia. Vacancies are often posted in these groups that you can easily respond to. The same applies here: the competition is fierce!

3. Open applications

Another, perhaps more effective, way is to look for a job face-to-face. You print out your CV, say 100x and visit all kinds of shops, farms and catering establishments to leave it behind.


Tip: Don’t just visit the city center. Also focus on suburbs, here you have a better chance that no one has beaten you to it!

4.    Hostel

Many backpackers in Australia stay in hostels. These are of course very cozy in the first place, but these accommodations are also very convenient. For example, in a hostel there is often a notice board with rooms that are for rent, but also vacancies. Moreover, if you make a good impression, you can even work in the hostel where you are staying!