Small but beautiful Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean and is close to both neighboring Sicily and Africa. It is a country bursting with history and great things to see and do. Malta has an almost mythical vibe, stemming from its mysterious underwater caves, beautiful temples and medieval architecture.

The streets in the historic towns and villages take you past churches, markets and museums. And even some of the oldest buildings in the world can be found on this beautiful island. Wherever you go, you are always surrounded by azure seas and clear blue skies. Travel Hunger tips five must-sees in Malta. Are you going to visit the cultural treasure trove of the Mediterranean soon? Then make sure you don’t miss the following spots!

#1 Mdina

Mdina (also known as Città Vecchia) is a magical place on the island, where you seem to be far away from the modern world. This medieval walled city has a special charm, set in the closed labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets. Wandering through the atmospheric center you will discover shady squares, beautiful chapels and ancient palaces (many of which are now museums), hidden behind large wooden doorways.

Mdina Malta

The beautiful streets of Mdina are bathed in the orange light of the setting sun

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#2 Gozo

Gozo is an idyllic Mediterranean island with quaint fishing villages and peaceful coves. The rural setting consists of green, rolling hills with small farms and dazzling sandy beaches. Gozo is only eight kilometers from Malta and can easily be visited as a day trip by ferry.

The crystal clear waters are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. There are also many scenic hiking trails, where nature lovers can explore to their heart’s content!

gozo Tal-Mixta cave

The famous Tal-Mixta Cave forms a magnificent window onto Ramlay Bay

#3 Ggantija Temples

Are you a culture lover? Then you should definitely visit the Ggantija temples on the Maltese island of Gozo. These two temples that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site are steeped in history. Built between 3600 and 3200 BC, they were not fully revealed to the modern eye until the nineteenth century. The temples are made up of gigantic limestone blocks, some of which are over five meters in length.

The temples also have a large terrace at the front, which would probably have been used for ceremonial gatherings. Visitors can admire everything inside and out.

#4 Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is located in a sheltered bay in the south of Malta. It is a colourful, traditional Maltese village, with brightly colored fishing boats called ‘Luzzu’ watching over the town from the deep blue sea.

Marsaxlokk is the main fishing village of the island. Many Maltese travel here from the north to buy the latest catch at the large fish market. The market also offers a variety of traditional Maltese products; from handicrafts to homemade delicacies.

Along the coast you will also find several cozy village bars and top restaurants with fresh fish specialities. After dinner, take a walk through the village or the beautiful countryside, or dive into the crystal clear, light blue sea!

marsaxlokk market

#5 San Anton Gardens

The beautiful gardens of San Anton Gardens provide a shady spot in Attard, surrounding a dazzling presidential palace. This is one of the most beautiful gardens in Malta and offers a wide variety of beautiful flowers and plants.

Open to the public since 1882, the garden was built by Grand Master Antoine de Paule to complement his summer residence (today it is the residence of the Maltese president). There are several walkways that lead visitors through the verdant gardens, where you can discover fountains, ponds, plants, flowers and trees from around the world.