5x summer in winter

We really like the Dutch winter months, and especially the associated holidays. Due to the travel ban due to corona, our house turned into a huge ball of light last Christmas; from icicle lighting to laser Christmas lights, we pulled out all the stops to quell the lack of travel. We expect to be able to hit the road again in the winter , so we have already listed the top 5 winter sun destinations.

#1 Winter sun destination Seville

In this sunny Spanish city it is still more than 20 degrees around Sinterklaas, what a joy! Visiting Seville in winter also has its advantages. In the winter, Seville is a lot less touristy than in the summer months. In bars and restaurants you mainly see locals, rather than tourists. If you want to see and do a lot, the winter months are perfect to visit Seville.



#2 Winter Sun Destination Tel Aviv

Just outside of Europe, Tel Aviv is only a five-hour flight away and is really a top destination for the winter months. If there is one city that is perfect for a winter city trip, it is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv offers everything you need for a mix of a city break and a holiday in the sun: long beaches, nightlife as the best, delicious restaurants and plenty of sights to visit. A perfect winter sun destination .

winter sun destinations Tel Aviv

#3 Winter sun destination Thailand

Our favorite destination to spend the winter is definitely Thailand. And especially the south of Thailand. This destination is not only cheap and easy to travel, but is also a feast for the eyes! Add to that the delicious cuisine, friendly people and a colorful culture and you have an unforgettable holiday in the sun. Whether you choose the touristic Koh Phi Phi, ‘laid-back’ Koh Lanta, the hidden gem Khao Sok or one of the other dozens of options. In the south of Thailand there is something for everyone.

Thailand in winter

#4 Curaçao winter sun destination

Curaçao should of course not be missed as a winter sun destination. Curaçao has a pleasant temperature all year round, both on land and in the sea. You can enjoy snorkelling around Curaçao , swim with sea turtles, visit the uninhabited island of Klein-Curaçao or visit one of the ostrich farms. As far as we are concerned, Curaçao is a real winter sun destination!

top5 winter sun destinations

#5 Winter sun destination Dubai

Within a few hours you fly from the cold Netherlands to the winter sun in Dubai. With daytime temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees and plenty of sunshine, Dubai is one of the best winter sun destinations in the world. In Dubai you will be amazed by the great combination between modern and authentic; huge shopping malls, the old center, the Burj Khalifa, the palm islands and the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. Dubai is also a true paradise for children .