Australia is an exceptional holiday destination, and practically unfathomable for any tourist, with more than 500 national parks that justify by themselves the long journey to the antipodes, 19 of them have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a country populated by animal and plant species that are unique on the planet and made up of fantastic cities that have known how to grow brilliantly thanks to audacious architecture.
Despite this, one of the most notable tourist attractions of the island are its beaches, bathed by the three oceans that surround the country: the Pacific, the Indian and the Antarctic. There is a list in which a total of 10,685 beaches have been counted, many of which are still considered virgins and that represent the perfect example of an earthly paradise.


Due to the large number of Australian beaches, 10,685 beaches, it would take almost three decades visiting one beach per day . And that is why, to make your selection work easier, we present below what are considered the best beaches in Australia.

1. White Haven

Located in the Whitsunday Islands, belonging to the state of Queensland, on the east coast of the country, Whitehaven beach is a paradise of fine white sand and intense turquoise waters , a dream place only accessible by catamaran, seaplane and helicopter.

Its strict rules of use, such as the prohibition of smoking or the fact that access to dogs is not allowed, keeps the beach in perfect condition. Its sand, composed of 98% pure silica, remains simply pristine .

One of the best beaches in Australia Whitehaven beach

2.Turquoise Bay

The beaches of Turquoise Bay are considered the best for scuba diving , due to its crystal clear waters and the presence of the Ningaloo Reef a few meters from the shore, a coral reef of enormous interest.

This beach is located 60 kilometers south of Exmouth, in Western Australia, and the most effective way to get there is by plane from Perth, the capital of this state that covers almost half of the island.

Turquoise Bay one of the best beaches in Australia

3. Bell’s Beach

Bell beach is undoubtedly one of the most important beaches in all of Australia. It is close to the towns of Torquay and Jan Juc, but only 103 kilometers from the capital Melbourne , which in the vastness of this huge country represents an affordable distance. It can also be reached by driving along the Great Ocean Road, a heritage-listed road.

It is a beach internationally known for its tubular, fast and long waves, which have made it the Mecca of surfing. In this sense, it has the oldest event in professional surfing, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, which has been held since 1973.

One of the best beaches in Australia is Bells Beach

4. Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is a jewel within a jewel, a semicircular white-sand beach lapped by calm, crystal-clear waters in Freycinet National Park, home to 49 endemic Tasmanian species .

The most notable feature of Wineglass Bay is its perfect semicircle shape , its white sand gently sloping down into a clear sea, ideal for swimming, snorkeling or simply having a family picnic.

Wineglass bay one of the best beaches in Australia

5. Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads is much more than a beach, it is an environment that has gentle waves, a tropical park, the wildlife show, the best restaurants, cafes, boutiques and spas of the Gold Coast, on the east coast of the country. , in the state of Queensland.

This beach stands out for being a beach with a relaxed atmosphere where you can practice surfing. It is a privileged point from where you can see the Burleigh National Park, sanctuary for humpback whales.
Other beaches of interest that you can visit in Australia are Byron Bay in New South Wales, Lucky Bay in Western Australia and Palm Cove in Queensland.

Burleigh Heads Beach Australia


Australia can not only boast of white sand and turquoise waters, since it also has kilometer-long beaches. If the goal is to enjoy long walks along the seashore, here are the longest beaches you can find in the country.

1. Cable Beach

Cable Beach occupies a 22-kilometre stretch of coastline, stretching at the foot of ocher-colored cliffs near the city of Broome , in the state of Western Australia.

One of the attractions that can be enjoyed on this beach is the possibility of traveling on a camel, but you can also see whales and dolphins and dinosaur footprints dating back 130 million years.

Cable Beach is also home to one of the most famous nude beaches in Australia.

Cable Beach Australia's long beaches

2. Sunshine, Noosa

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, and has a 60-kilometer-long beach located on the east coast, in the state of Queensland, two hours from Brisbane, the fourth most populous city.

Very close to Sunshine Beach is the town of Noosa Heads, an old fishing village that has not lost its essence . The National Park that bears the name of the town is an added attraction with simple routes through lush forests where you can see a large amount of native fauna.

Sunshine beach Australia

3. Eighty mile beach

Halfway between the cities of Broome and Port Hedland, in the state of Western Australia, is Eighty mile beach. Despite its name, this beach is 140 miles (225 kilometers) long . On these paradisiacal beaches the Great Sandy Desert meets the Indian Ocean.

The presence on these beaches of extensive wetlands, known as Mandora Marsh , make it a paradise for migratory shorebirds as well. In addition, the location is one of those chosen by Flatback turtles to spawn.

Eighty mile beach one of the longest beaches in Australia

4.Coorong beach

It is a spectacular beach that extends for 194 kilometers at the southern end of the island . Specifically, it is located in the state of South Australia, about 90 kilometers south of Adelaide, on the Younghusband Peninsula.

Coorong Beach is a perfect beach for strolling, both on foot and by car, although the authorities recommend that the relevant security measures be taken to avoid incidents.

5. Seven mile beach

Perhaps a beach like this, only 10 kilometers long, may seem small compared to the extensive beaches seen so far, but both its location in the state of New South Wales, 140 km from Sydney, and its history justify be visited.

This beach has been the scene of horse, motorcycle and automobile races , and was the landing strip for the first commercial flight between Australia and New Zealand. Today it is a fantastic National Park.

Seven Mile Beach one of the longest beaches in Australia


Sydney is the largest and most populous city in the country, with more than five million inhabitants, in its surroundings there can be up to 100 paradisiacal beaches , 100 perfect excuses to choose this city as a vacation destination. Here we present some of the most popular.

1. Bondi beach

Bondi is by far the most famous beach in Australia , and is of course a must-see when visiting Sydney. Its name comes from an aboriginal word that refers to the sound that the waves make when breaking on the rocks, a characteristic of this beach that makes it a paradise for surfers.

But it is not only an ideal beach for surfing, its fine golden sand is a privileged setting for practicing all kinds of beach sports or simply sunbathing. On the popular Campbell Parade avenue it is possible to enjoy all kinds of leisure activities.

Sydney Bondi Beach

2. Garie beach

An hour from the center of Sydney is the Royal National Park, a huge area that covers 16,000 hectares and inside which some of the best beaches in Sydney are hidden, among which Garie Beach stands out .

These beaches have a somewhat complicated access, but for this reason you can find a paradisiacal environment in it.

Garie Beach is one of the beaches in Sydney

3. Manly Dam

Manly Dam is perhaps the most hidden beach in Sydney, and that may be due to the fact that it is not located on the coast, but in a reservoir north of the city. The Manly Dam is actually a dam built in 1892 to supply water to the city, and in 1999 it was listed as a New South Wales Heritage Site.

The beach that you will find here is very little known, but perfect to enjoy with the family , whether swimming or enjoying the practice of water sports.

4. Frenchmans Beach at La Perouse

The neighborhood of La Perouse is the oldest neighborhood in Sydney, it is the first area where the settlers settled. However, the city grew to become the Sydney we know today, and La Perouse was removed from the centre.
Precisely this remoteness allows us to find formidable beaches that are not overcrowded. Ideal to share with the family.

Frenchmans Beach at La Perouse

5. Warriewood beach

This 500-meter beach is located north of the city, near the Ku-ring-gai National Park . It is a perfect beach for surfing and has all the services that the user may need, from toilets and showers to an area for picnics.

Sydney Beaches Warriewood beach


Regardless of whether we are facing paradisiacal beaches, in some of them you must be careful to avoid accidents. The most common dangers that we can find on some Australian beaches are sea currents and aquatic fauna , such as poisonous jellyfish or sharks . Therefore, the beaches described below should be avoided or, if you are going to visit them, you should be extremely cautious:

1. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, which makes it a huge beach where bushes, eucalyptus and acacia trees proliferate. An exciting scene for any lover of the sea, but home to an unappetizing company: sharks .

Its brilliant white sand and freshwater rivers and dune lakes nonetheless make this beach a sought-after destination that can only be reached by ferry from Inskip in Queensland, south of the Great Barrier Reef.

Fraser Island one of the most dangerous beaches in Australia

2. Tiwi Islands

Other islands with incredible landscapes are the Tiwi Islands, an archipelago of eleven inhabited Australian Aboriginal islands located in the Northern Territory, opposite the city of Darwin, where the Aratura Sea meets the Timor Sea.

Tropical jungles, lush vegetation, waterfalls, natural pools and white sand beaches and crystal clear waters… where you can find a good number of cubozoa, small jellyfish that possess a paralyzing poison that can be fatal.

dangerous beaches of Australia with Jellyfish

3. Cape Tribulation

This beach located north of the Daintree forest, in the state of Queensland, offers spectacular landscapes, but it has some factors that will not allow you to enjoy it in peace, since this Australian beach is also a paradise for jellyfish, crocodiles, snakes and cassowaries . some birds similar to ostriches that can be quite aggressive.

Cape Tribulation Beach in Australia

4. Darwin Beaches

The surroundings of the city of Darwin, in the state of Queensland, have a good number of coves and beaches of great beauty, which are considered perfect for surfing. However, the great white shark also lives in its waters, a great danger for surfers . In some of them crocodiles are also found, so bathing is not recommended.

5. Tamarama beach

It has the dubious honor of being the most rescued beach in the entire Sydney area , due to its deep-water topography causing strong waves and currents. It is located twenty minutes south of Bondi beach, and is often quite busy with bathers fleeing the crowds of Bondi.
Although the lifeguard team is vigilant for the rescue, it is preferable to swim with caution to avoid amplifying the dark statistics of this cove.

Sydney Beaches Tamarama Beach


Australia is divided into five states, and each of them has truly spectacular beaches, so all you have to do is select a point in the country to start the trip, and prepare as best you can. If you already know which areas to visit in Australia , to travel calmly and without setbacks, you can count on Mondo. The travel insurance for Australia offered by Mondo includes COVID-19 coverage, medical assistance and coverage for medical expenses due to illness or accident of up to five million euros.