The nice thing about a surf camp – as almost everyone who has done this will agree – is that it is much more than just surfing. You stay (alone or with friends) in a larger group, Dutch or international, and there is plenty to do. Delicious meals are usually offered, there are plenty of activities to do (think yoga, massages, city trips, beach clean-ups, volleyball tournaments and much more) and everything revolves around getting to know each other. Friendships for life can be formed during your surf holiday. Let’s take a quick look at where you can go on a surfing holiday.

Surfkamp Moliets

Friendships for life can be formed during your surf holiday – Moliets surf camp [photo: SurfaWhile]

#1 Surfing around Lisbon – Portugal

Portugal is a destination that has become quite popular in recent years. The capital Lisbon is a popular spot to visit and we understand that very well. If only you could combine that with a surf holiday! What many travelers and surfers do nowadays is that they book a surf holiday in, for example, Costa da Caparica or Cascais, so that they don’t sit in the city all week and can enjoy surfing. Of course it is also very possible there to enjoy everything that Portugal has to offer. Most go to Lisbon once or twice during a week, for a day of shopping, a gastronomic tour or a night out. And of course you can do this all on the same day.


Surfvakantie in Costa da Caparica

Surfen in Costa da Caparica [photo: SurfaWhile]

This combination is therefore highly recommended. Both Caparica and Cascais are about 20 minutes drive from the center and both spots are easily accessible by public transport. This gives you the ultimate combination between the real surf experience , visiting a metropolis, legendary night out (if desired) and staying in a place that is quieter than the hectic pace of the city. Ideal right?

#2 Surfing around Biarritz – France

Biarritz and the surrounding beaches are considered by many to be the capital of surfing in Europe. The south of France is very popular with tourists, with surfers mainly traveling to the beaches in the Landes region, or the Atlantic coast. Waves for surfers of all levels can be found here (especially in the months of May – September) so you certainly don’t have to be a pro to surf in France.

Surf tourism is mainly focused on two places: Moliets and Vieux Boucau. These two typically French surf villages welcome thousands of surfers every year who come to surf for a week or more. In these towns there are several campsites that house a number of surf camps. There are also surf houses for those who prefer a room to staying in a tent.

What is a great advantage for the Dutch and Belgians of a surfing holiday around Biarritz is the accessibility. Many travel by car or train and in the summer months the bus trips to the south of France are also very popular. On Friday afternoon you will leave for the south, where you will attend a surf week from Saturday to Saturday (1 or 2 weeks) before returning home on Saturday evening. This way of traveling is economical, very cozy and a lot better for the environment (than most other transport options).

Sunset surf in Moliets

Sunset surf in Moliets [foto: SurfaWhile]

And to top it all off, there are also surf camps that offer a city trip to Biarritz, so you can spend an afternoon wandering around the old city center in search of the delicious food and drink the city has to offer. And, of course, you’ll also head to one of Biarritz’s most famous surfing beaches to see the pros at work.

#3 Surfing in Oyambre – Spain

Northern Spain has become increasingly popular in recent years. That is not without reason, because this region is known for its beautiful nature, delicious food and good surfing conditions – especially for novice surfers. In recent years, the options for traveling by bus to Oyambre have also increased considerably, making a surf holiday in this region a good option for many.

If we zoom in on the region around Oyambre, a surf spot located in Cantabria, we come across several beaches. Playa de Oyambre, the beach at San Vicente de la Barquera and of course Playa de Gerra. All beaches that attract many surfers. Due to the consistent and (predominantly) low waves, as well as the lack of strong currents, this is an ideal place for novice surfers.

Several surf camps are located around Oyambre. There is a camping site that overlooks Playa de Oyambre and there is also an international surf camp with beautiful glamping tents at Camping El Helguero. Many guests find the combination between nature, the northern Spanish lifestyle (including food) and the many possibilities for activities reason enough to enjoy a surfing holiday in this area.

Surfkamp Oyambre

Surfkamp Oyambre [foto: SurfaWhile]

#4 Surfing around Porto – Portugal

In the north of Portugal we find the second city of the country: Porto. Surfing is very good both in the city and beyond and one of the big advantages (especially if you leave the city) is that it is much quieter than at well-known surf spots such as Ericeira or Peniche.

Surf holiday in Porto

Surfing in Porto [photo: Mylan Rosendaal]

Surfing in Porto mainly takes place on the beach of Matosinhos. This beach is located in a small bay, which makes the conditions generally very good for beginners. Being so close to the city, it regularly attracts large numbers of surfers. You can enter the water a lot calmer once you head north. Spots like Ofir and Estela offer equally good, if not better, conditions for learning to surf while it’s a lot quieter. From a surf camp located in Estela you will also discover a lot of the area as lessons can be given on different beaches. And of course a city trip to Porto is also an option.

#5 Surfing around San Sebastian – Spain

Where we mentioned the gastronomy for the part about surfing around Oyambre, that certainly applies here. San Sebastian and Zarautz are located in the Basque Country, a region that can certainly compete for the best food in Spain – and far beyond. The well-known pintxos (the local tapas) in different forms and the way they prepare the famous tortilla de patata (a potato pie) is really unprecedented. And of course you can surf well at these spots, otherwise we wouldn’t include it in this overview.


Zarautz – along the Bay of Biscay

Zarautz has a large beach where many surfers come every year to learn to surf. One of the nicest surf camps in Spain is located within walking distance of the beach and many (novice) surfers from the Netherlands and Belgium come here every year to enjoy everything Zarautz has to offer for a week or two. By bus (from NL/BE) you will be dropped in front of the surf camp and from that moment on it will be fun, the fun activities, a party or two and the surfing all by itself. At least, you will of course have to paddle yourself, something that should be doable because the conditions for surfing in Zarautz are comparable to those in Oyambre: ideal for novice surfers.

A little further on is the city of San Sebastian and here you can really find everything you want during a holiday in Spain. Perhaps the only thing is that there are no surf camps here, since that is a bit difficult in a city. San Sebastian is a very popular city to learn Spanish, which you can combine with surf lessons. This city, against the French border, has beautiful architecture to offer, a hill that offers a view of the city, the bay and a breathtaking sunset, the always recurring Basque meals and a lively nightlife. Are you ready for your next surf trip?

The best surf holidays with SurfaWhile

At SurfaWhile you book the surf holiday that really suits you, because we have more than 7 years of experience with surf camps in and outside Europe. Whether you are 18 and want to go on a surf holiday alone, you are a couple of around 25, you are looking for a surf trip for a group of friends or you want to travel as a family, we know exactly what suits you or you.

You book surf camps all over the world in a safe and responsible way, without any booking or reservation costs. SurfaWhile is a Dutch company so that you as a booker are well protected and can easily pay via iDeal or Sofort. As a company affiliated with the GGTO guarantee fund, your payment is also without financial risk.

What does a surf holiday cost?

You can make your surf holiday as crazy as you want. Most surf camps will cost you about the same (between € 475,- and € 650,- per week, incl. transport), where the exact price will depend on the luxury the camp books, the number of meals they offer and the surf formula. Using a handy booking tool, you can select exactly the package that best suits your needs.