This wonderful, spicy cup of noodle soup is filled with energy and healthy vegetables. Once the chicken is cooked and the vegetables are sliced, it actually only takes 10 minutes to make.
Server evt. another piece of good bread.

What you need:

1½ l chicken
broth 300 g chicken breast in thin strips
2-3 tsp. sambal olek
70 g tomato puree (small can)
1 tbsp. grated ginger,
100 g spring onions in slanted slices
200 g carrots cut in julienne (very thin strips)
200 g white cabbage in fine strips
200 g mushrooms in thin slices
100 g wholemeal or rice noodles
Possibly. coriander on top

Here’s how you do it:

  • Bring the broth to a boil and add the shredded chicken breast
  • Bring the soup to a boil and froth all the impurities of the soup with a slotted spoon
  • Add sambal olek, tomato puree and grated ginger and taste the soup
  • Add noodles and all the vegetables and cook the soup
  • Taste evt. to with sambal olek, grated ginger and salt

The dish contains 700 g of greens.

Kcal Protein Cool Carbohydrate Dietary fiber
Pr. 100 g 30 1,5 0,5 4,5 1,5