Uganda is a great travel destination for people who want to discover nature and wildlife in peace, far away from mass tourism. The 10 national game parks in the country consist largely of green forests, rainforests and savannas with a great diversity of animals. Trek through the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to catch a glimpse of the last wild mountain gorillas and make your way through the dense forests of Kibale to get up close to chimpanzees and forest elephants. To make the choice a little easier, we have selected the 5 most beautiful national parks in Uganda – which you really should not miss – for you!

The most beautiful national parks in Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful country on the northern shores of the gigantic Lake Victoria. Full of mountains, forests and rainforests, but also vast savannas. Although more and more travelers are gradually visiting Uganda, the country has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. And actually that is also the charm of Uganda. There is still a lot to discover here and you can experience an authentic safari feeling. Check below the most beautiful national parks in Uganda that you really should not miss during your safari.

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The imposing mountain gorilla can be admired in Bwindi, the rare shoebill in Murchison Falls

#1 Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a beautiful green forest that lies on the edge of the great Rift Valley in Southwestern Uganda, close to the border of the DR Congo. Not only is it one of the oldest rainforests in Africa but also one of the most diverse, full of valleys, swamps and hills. This is home to about 350 mountain gorillas – half of the world’s remaining gorillas. This makes Bwindi one of the best places to look for wild mountain gorillas on foot.

You do need stamina and patience on this trip, as it can take a while to spot the gorillas. But what a special and exciting experience to be able to admire these impressive animals from so close. A 200 kilo silverback is particularly impressive. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Besides gorillas you can also spot many colorful birds and other monkeys such as chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys and the mangabey mangabey.

Location: southwest of Uganda, approximately 3 hours drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park
Entrance fee (incl. gorilla permit): USD 600 pp

The habitat of the mountain gorillas in Uganda

The habitat of the mountain gorillas in Uganda


Impressive mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Impressive mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest



Mantle mangabey or grey-cheeked mangabey


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

#2 Queen Elizabeth National Park

Chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions and the beautiful volcanic landscape make Queen Elizabeth one of the most popular parks in Uganda. This second largest park in western Uganda is one of the best places in the country to spot lions, leopards, elephants and hyenas. The southern part of the park (Isasha region) is popular for the lions lounging in tall fig trees, while the east is the place for chimp trekking and the northern part to admire lions, leopards, hyenas and hippos.

Don’t forget to take a boat trip on the 32 kilometer long Kazinga Channel, teeming with crocodiles and hippos. In this park you can really enjoy beautiful views over tropical rainforest and rolling green hills with crater lakes and cacti, against the backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains. Despite its popularity, Queen Elizabeth is still a very quiet park without many tourists.

Location: southwest of Uganda, approximately 2 hours drive to Kibale National Park
Entrance fee: 40 USD pp (20 USD for children)

One of the highlights for many travelers is a boat trip on the 32 kilometer long Kazinga Canal

One of the highlights for many travelers is a boat trip on the 32 kilometer long Kazinga Canal


Rwenzori Mountains Uganda Congo

Rwenzori Mountains

#3 Kibale National Park

If you are a monkey lover, Kibale National Park is the place to be. The park is part of Uganda’s southwestern safari circuit and is located in a beautiful tropical rainforest. Here you will find the largest number of primates in Africa – 13 species – of which chimpanzees are the most famous. A walking safari is the perfect opportunity to see these great apes up close in their natural environment. Follow the sounds of rustling tasks and screams of the chimps, until you come face to face with these clever animals. Fortunately, the chimpanzees in Kibale are very relaxed and you can get close very quietly.

In addition to hundreds of chimpanzees swinging through the trees, you can also admire colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, elephants, galagos, lions and civets. Although Kibale is often referred to as the ‘monkey capital’ of the world, the park offers plenty of other safari activities as well. For example, you can go on fantastic walking and hiking trips and bird safaris with a guide. There are also educational walks with games and creative activities for smaller children (under 12 years old).

Location: Southwest Uganda, approximately 7 hours drive to Murchison Falls National Park
Entrance fee: 40 USD pp (20 USD for children)

Chimpanzees in Uganda

Chimpanzees have long black hair and pink faces

Uganda elephant

#4 Murchison Falls National Park

The rolling green hills, dotted with palm trees, swamps and forests, give this park a picturesque appearance. Murchison Falls National Park is not only the oldest but also the largest national park in Uganda. The main attraction of the park is the Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile cascade down 43 meters through a gorge in the rocks. This mighty waterfall is a beautiful example of natural violence that you can view up close – from a boat. In addition to crocodiles and hippos, you can also see elephants, lions and giraffes drinking on the banks during this adventurous boat trip on the Nile. Other special activities include a hike to the top of the waterfall, white water rafting or flying over the vast savannah in a hot air balloon.

Location: northwest of Uganda, approximately 8 hours drive to Kidepo Valley
Entrance fee: 40 USD pp (20 USD for children)

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls

#5 Kidepo Valley National Park

Close to the border with Kenya and Sudan, the spectacular Kidepo Valley park is nestled in a rugged savanna-like valley, surrounded by mountain ranges and crossed by two rivers. Kidepo is a hidden treasure in Uganda’s remote northern wilderness. Here you can still experience the pure authentic wilderness, far away from other travelers. In addition to lions, elephants, giraffes and buffalo, you will also find species here that are not seen anywhere else in Uganda, such as the aardwolf, wild dog, cheetah, hyena and lynx. With 85 species of mammals and 500 bird species, there is plenty of beauty to be discovered here. And chances are that you don’t have to share the beautiful panoramic views with other tourists.

Location: north of Uganda (border with Sudan), approximately 8 hours drive to Kampala
Entrance fee: 40 USD pp (20 USD for children)

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