Enjoy a beautiful view with a nice drink? Then of course you look for one of the most beautiful rooftop bars in the world. For example that one rooftop bar in Bangkok or that great rooftop bar in New York. Whatever your destination, there is always a special bar with a beautiful view.

1. The Sirocco Sky Bar of the Lebua Hotel in Bangkok

This rooftop bar in Thailand will take your breath away. The Sirocco Sky Bar is located at the Lebua Hotel. It is the most famous rooftop bar in Bangkok. Pretty strict dress code applies in this bar. For example, gentlemen should wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves. However, the atmosphere is very good and the view from 250 meters is truly unforgettable. Although the prices are quite high for a rooftop bar in Thailand, the quality of the drinks is great.

Rooftop bar Bangkok

2. The Press Lounge in New York

The Press Lounge is a great rooftop bar in New York. From this point you have a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. You can also see the Hudson River. That makes for beautiful pictures. Moreover, it is wonderful to escape the hectic life of the city for a while and completely relax on the 16th floor above the Ink48 hotel. 

3. Radio Rooftop Bar in London

During your stay in London it is best to go to the Radio Rooftop Bar. The ambiance is great and you have a view of almost all the highlights of the city. From here you can shoot beautiful pictures. The cocktails that are served are really high class. You will enjoy that!

4. Tartan Roof in Madrid

Going for the most iconic view in Madrid? Then Tartan Roof is the place to be. You have to pay a few euros in entrance, but you do get something special for that. You look out over the special Gran Vía and the beautiful art deco houses in the area. Enjoy your drink and the tranquility on the roof of Bellas Artes.

Rooftop bar Madrid

5. Three Sixty rooftop bar in Bangkok

This is a popular place for the Bangkok jet set and for luxury travelers. Three Sixty can be found at the Millennium Hilton hotel. Here you have a beautiful view over 360 degrees. It mainly plays jazz music and you can enjoy all kinds of drinks for an average price. Get in the elevator and go to the 32nd floor !

6. Les Etoiles Rooftop in Rome

At hotel Atlante Star you will find Les Etoiles. This rooftop bar is cozy and there is an informal atmosphere. You have a spectacular view from this terrace. You will see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, among other things. This bar is romantic and luxurious at the same time. Enjoy a glass of bubbles or a cocktail!

7. Rooftop@Revere in Boston

From the roof of this hotel you can see the vibrant center of the city of Boston. The service is very stylishly dressed and good service is of paramount importance at this rooftop bar. Lounging on a cushion where you sink completely or relaxing by the swimming pool that is enclosed by glass. From this seventh floor, the view is amazing!

8. Lantern in Singapore

If you are looking for a really hip rooftop bar in Singapore, Lantern is your place. This bar can be found on the roof of the Fullerton Bay Boutique Hotel. There is a swimming pool, but there are also a large number of lounge sofas from which you can see the amazing panorama in front of you. DJs often perform in the evening. You can also go there in the afternoon, but then for a delicious lunch.

9. Imperial Hotel in Melbourne

The Imperial Hotel boasts one of the oldest pubs in Melbourne. How about a beer in the beer garden on the roof terrace? There is a 360 degree view from the top of the building on Bourke Street. You will not only see the beautiful Melbourne skyline, but also the Parliament Building.

10. Aire in Chicago

Going up in the air during your stay in Chicago, of course you do that when you go to Aire. This famous sky bar is located at the Hyatt hotel on Monroe Street. It is not particularly expensive and you have a beautiful view. Special to see all those skyscrapers, especially at sunset.

11. Westlight in Brooklyn, New York

You will not only find a beautiful rooftop bar in New York in Manhattan. Brooklyn also has some nice bars where you can count on a breathtaking view. For example from Westlight. From the 22nd floor you really look out over a very large part of the skyline. You do have to queue to get to this, but it is well worth it.

Manhattan rooftop bar

12. Above Sixty in Los Angeles

Above Sixty is an exclusive hotel bar that attracts a wide audience. It is therefore always busy and pleasant. You can order wine and beer, but also sunny cocktails, such as Strawberry Smash, a fresh cocktail with vodka and fresh strawberries. You can also count on all kinds of tasty snacks. Of course you pay something for this, but thanks to the beautiful view it is more than worth it.

The best rooftop bars in the world: when are you going?

Any view is probably at its best during the sunset. Plan your visit to one of the rooftop bars above at the right time, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!