Smoothies are a delicious offer for a healthy snack – and can also be used as a fresh alternative to a dessert. You can make it with just the flavors you want, but here you get two good Ubberup recipes.
If you make a double portion of your smoothies, you can even use the other half to make smoothies ice cream with. Especially children are completely crazy about them – and then they are a lot healthier in terms of energy than e.g. a softice.


1 person

60 g ripe banana or ripe mango
40 g frozen black currants
30 g frozen broccoli
10 g frozen spinach
teaspoon. vanilla powder
½ tsp. rapeseed oil
1½ dl skimmed milk
½ dl skyr (0.2%) or quark

  • Blend all the ingredients and taste if necessary. to with vanilla powder and ripe banana or mango
  • You can also use other vegetables, just that it is frozen – frozen vegetables taste neutral, but still provide all the good nutrition
  • You can possibly vary the taste by adding licorice powder instead of vanilla powder
KcalProteinCoolCarbohydrateDietary fiber
Pr. 100 g59              41,57,34


1 person

5 g cashews
50 g raspberries or strawberries
60 g ripe banana
75 g skyr
50 g skim milk (0.5%)
sk tsp. vanilla powder

  • Blend all the ingredients, and taste if necessary. to with a little extra vanilla powder
  • If you can not tolerate nuts, add any. 1 tbsp. coconut oil
  • If you use frozen raspberries, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recommends that you give them a boil for 1 min. Freeze them if necessary. down into ice cube trays afterwards so your smoothie can get cold
KcalProteinCoolCarbohydrateDietary fiber
Pr. 100 g704,51,593,5


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